Pay day loans

Being able to pay out the loans that you take from banks is a big deal. No matter what anybody else says, you do not want to be mired in debt from an early age onwards. It is seriously not worth it one bit.

There are plenty of reasons to be skeptical of these big and bad companies. As a former astronomer, I can tell you this for sure. There are so many unethical, uncivilised people out there on the internet it is not surprising to think that there are people who do not wish for you to succeed. There are people out there who do not want you to be making any sort of money off your business.

I say screw them, and pay off your loans regardless! Can you imagine – if you do not pay off your loan in time, you will be forced to refinance, forced to pay out even more money in order to survive. Like, what on earth is actually happening to these very intelligent people?

You would think that people would be decent at planning out their finances by now, but sadly this is nowhere close to being true – there are people out there on the internet who struggle all day long, looking to find writers and people to help them out with the tasks at hand, but nobody seems to be able to do so.

I wonder how many people have to be laughing themselves at the bank. Luckily for me, I joined internet marketing. Heh. Financial freedom, beetches.

Banking, Astronomy, Pressure Cleaning?

Why is online banking becoming such an important and necessary tool for banking? You may begin to wonder what it feels like using online banking if you had never used it before. What makes it so popular and how does it differ from the regular brick-and-mortar banks which are currently used by you?

I think banking systems are extremely important, especially for a local business like a pressure cleaner service.

There are actually many similarities between online banking and regular banking, there are also a few notable key differences which makes online banking attractive.

One of the reason why online banking is popular because it actually provides free checking service. Although free checking is provided in most banks, it is getting more difficult to find. You would normally require being qualified for the free checking service by having a huge balance in your account.

This is what makes online banking different; it provides free checking in service as long you deposited even a dollar into your checking account. You should note that you may be able to earn interest in your checking account if you use online banking. The interest rate is not that high but you earn more compared to the traditional banks.

Online banking also provides higher interest rates compared to traditional banking. This is because they do not require affording for the cost which is associated with the building and the maintenance of the branch, therefore they can pay more.

An online bank would be the most suitable for you if you are only looking for the highest interest rate available. Some people transfer money between their accounts when rates change, but you must be pay attention to the transferring process when your money is not in your account.

Business, blogging, selling even more

Oh yes. Even more tips from our lovely sponsors! This is a pretty cool bit on promoting your brand new business. These techniques will be used by myself when looking to determine the viability of deals and getting things done the right way. Read on and let me know what you think!

Every seller wishes to be able to sell their product. Even if you sell the best products, it would not help if people do not know about it existence. Therefore, we must utilize different types of marketing techniques to spread the information of that particular product. There are a few fairly simple techniques that can be used to spread information.

When selling your product, do offer promotion because many people love freebies. This will then attract more customers and some which may have not been interested. It will also create a chance for you to send out press release of that event and the product. You could also utilize newspaper and other programs, people around the globe will know your product better.

You could also order printed promotional material to share information on your products. Business cards are great marketing tools, it can state that the company is home of the pest control (or whatever it is) product, this will inform the customers about the connection between the company and the product. Try to spread as many printed promotional items to achieve a large group audience worldwide.

To promote your product, you could create sample of your own product to offer other people to provide feedback based on your product. Do not just blindly send to a random person, try to send it to people who are professionals whose feedback can draw out even more customers to attempt this product.

Insightful? We certainly hope so! Let us know if you need additional assistance!

Astronomy and Limousines

I’m a born and bred astronomer who does a lot of stuff during his free time, and I love my job so much that whenever the occasion calls for it I’m traveling all over town trying to get some stuff done.

Hopefully this makes sense, because there are so many people out there on the internet who don’t get that and hate. Why you hating on the guy driving a limousine man, what have I ever done to you?

Anyway. I was looking into my golden telescope the other day and found something absolutely awesome. It’s an awesome statistic as well – this guy comes up to me and goes ‘hey, weren’t you the guy who was in Empower Network trying to make ends meet a few weeks ago?

Yes, yes I was. But I haven’t had time to do so. Why?

I actually headed down to Melbourne Australia for a road trip the other day, and I absolutely loved it. There’s just so much going on in that city! Anyway.

I’ve been around the world (like P Diddy) and back, but the food in Melbourne is freaking amazing. Best stuff ever.

I love the Southern Fried Chicken dish that they do. You know what’s funny? They do Southern Fried Chicken better than most! My god that’s strange as hell.

Now. There are plenty of ways to succeed in life, and the best way to tell that you’ve made it, is when people start buying you random shit on the street. I love how many people try to do big things and make big money. Hopefully all of this makes sense.

Now. Geelong is a beautiful place. But did you know that the area is great for astronomy? Didn’t think so. There are so many people out there on the internet who know their stuff and know it well. I’ll definitely be back to check out more stars! Love it.


Astronomer Turns Internet Marketer

Hey, the name’s O’neil, a space expert from Ireland. Leprechauns and Guinness in abundance. See, I’ve been working in the space science tower here in excess of 13 years. This web journal will serve to archive a portion of the bizarre on-goings that have been going on around Dublin.

Hope everybody has been well and you are enjoying the late burst of good weather the last couple of days. The stars are out and the moon is shining, so today’s the night you dust off that telescope and check out Saturn’s orbit around the moon.

But not me. Not tonight, and not for a long while, baby.

See, there is only so much star gazing you can do in your lifetime, and I reckon I’m done. 13 years of staring down the barrel of a giant microscope has made me cynical and tired.

Here’s what I plan to do moving forward:

i)                 Watch Eat Pray Love. The missus has been pushing me to do so for months now, and tomorrow night’s the time I’ll cave.

ii)                I’m joining the Empower Network. That’s right. I’ve checked out the founders and heard great things. Success stories are everywhere. So the next time you visit my website, I might be on a completely different domain. I could be rocking the Empower Network blog for all you know.

iii)               Take my kids on a well-deserved vacation.

Anyway. Here are some of the things my old colleagues have been up to over the past couple of years I’d like to thank before completely signing off from the industry.

David on his magnificent achievement of discovering another supernova from his home observatory.

Good on you mate. Eugene, who for a while remained the last man on the moon and wrote his daughter’s name in the lunar soil. Wow. Imagine giving that to your daughter when she turns 18. Best gift ever?

And lastly Ronan and Brian who snapped some sweet pics of aurora displays which painted the heavens last year. Wow. Still have that wallpaper on my laptop somewhere. Amazing stuff.

Cool. So that’s me signing off. Hopefully the next time you hear from me I’ll be one of Empower Network’s top earners. Erik Lim at the MLM Fastlane is a great sponsor and I believe he is going to teach me how to do great things with this little blog. :)

A man can dream and work hard, right? Thanks for tuning in and I’ll bring updates soon.

O Neil Dylandy 

Hello world!

Hello everyone. My name’s O’Neil and I’m an internet marketer. I used to work in astronomy but I got tired of my 9-5 and wanted out.